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  Ceiling lamp infrared sensors  
Product List » Auto Pir Keyhole Sensor Lamp » Ceiling lamp infrared sensors
Just turn on the lights automatically illuminated when someone, turn off lights when no movement in the sensor area
Power saving: when there are no people in the area sensor, or the day the lights will automatically turn off
Medium Anti-theft: when breaking into area lights will light the touch-theft warning

286.000 VNĐ
( $ 13.68 )

Light sensors are infrared lamps LCU16 high ceiling and insect resistant integrated smart sensor will automatically turn on and off lights when people move within the sensor. Pretty slim, durable. Wide light distribution suitable for installation in hotel lobby area, garage, office, housing ... products contribute to saving electricity provides comfort but does not seem to reduce weight, competent fine and perfectly safe for all projects.

- Body made of plastic tube in a high cap.Ben plastic gasket helps prevent dust and insect infiltration increases product durability.
- Lamp holder (E27) in china: Use the ball of hair or shadow compact.
- Electronic sensor controlled relay switching with high quality, increased service life of the bulb.

Operating principle
LCU16 ceiling lights integrated semiconductor components with the ability to touch the infrared body temperature, control the lights when people move to the sensor and automatically turn off lights after leaving the users touch.

With these works, the less people use the area as stairs, walkways, garage, warehouse ... lighting systems are often open to ongoing safety and security. While the user traffic is not continuous or only temporarily, this causes the waste of electricity and reduce lamp life. That´s why ILUMEN research and production ceiling LCU16 light touch.

For households, hallways, restrooms, walkways or stairs are areas we can install ceiling lights LCU16 to bring the convenience and savings.

Voltage: 220 ~ 240V / 50 Hz
Scan angle cone with a radius distance sensors: 4-6 meters
Stand-off: 30 ~ 480 seconds (Adjustable)
Lux level 10 ~ 2000lux activities (Adjustable)
Load capacity: 100W x 2 bulbs (screw tail lights E27) (clients can be installed optionally 1 or 2 balls)
Installation Height: 1.5 ~ 5 meters
Working temperature: from - 100C to 550C
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