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  Xado for cylinder  
Product List » Automobile » Xado for cylinder
Restored geometry of the cylinder, elimination of burrs;

Elimination of piston rings sticking;

Dirt Bikes Scooters Outboard Motors Chainsaws Trimmers Mowers.

836.000 VNĐ
( $ 40.00 )

Gel-revitalizant for cylinders

Designed for restoring repair and wear protection of the engine cylinder-piston group without disassembling. After XADO revitalization the cylinder geometry restores, the inner diameter reduces, ellipse deformation of cylinders disappears preventing expensive overhaul.


increases compression in cylinders;
restores geometry of cylinders;
removes scuffs and scratches up to 0,1 mm;
protects cylinders from wear at cold start;
reduces noise and vibration;
increases engine power;
decreases fuel consumption;
reduces CO and CH contents in exhaust;
enables to make a selective repair (treatment of one or several cylinders).

Technical characteristics
General characteristics of the cermet layer:
Microhardness ?750 kg/mm2; high corrosion resistance; roughness Ra up to 0,06 mkm.

Interesting facts:
Specialists of the Car and Tractor Engines Department of the Moscow State Technical University performed tests defining the effect of XADO revitalizant to the cylinder-piston group. For the test they chose engine VAZ 2101 which worked out its resource. Before starting the tests the specialists took precise measurements of the cylinder upper and lower areas (at the distance 20 and 50 mm from the upper cylinder end) and compression. The test was performed with the 搊ld oil?without changing the oil filter. Cylinders 1 and 4 were treated with XADO revitalizants.
The results were amazing. The compression in cylinders increased by 1.0-1.5. And that was only after 15 hours operation at cold work. In real conditions the compression increases from 10 till 14 points after the first 250-350 km run. The measurements of the cylinder performed with the instrument with the point length 0.002 mm also showed the compression increase. While the wear on cylinders 2 and 3 continued to progress, the wear of cylinders 1 and 4 stopped and geometry of parts restored. The difference in parameters (reduction of the inner diameter) is 2 ?6 mkm in cylinder 1 and 6 mkm ?in cylinder 4.

Warm up the engine up to the operating temperature.
Remove the spark-plug and disconnect the central wire of ignition distributor and commutator. For two-stroke engines fix the piston in the upper dead point (in order to avoid getting the gel into the inlet and outlet windows).
Squeeze out the tube content into the cylinder.

Note! Squeeze the content onto the cylinder wall and not on the piston!!!

Perform 15-20 piston strokes (by crank, towing, turning of a driving wheel etc.).
Screw in the spark-plug and start the starter 3-4 times for 3-4 sec in 15-20 sec intervals.
For two-stroke engines the content of one more tube should be dissolved in 5 ?10 ml of motor oil and added into the fuel tank.
Connect the central transmission, commutator; start the engine and operate at idling for 15 min. Operate in a normal mode.

1 cylinder ?1 tube.

Use medical syringe with a plastic tube in hard-to-reach places. In this case the gel should be dissolved in 5 ?10 ml of motor oil. In order to avoid hydroblow the total volume of the fluid added into cylinder must not exceed 20 ml! At diagnostics always check the adjustment and accuracy of the valve mechanism!
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