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  Xado for HPFP  
Product List » Automobile » Xado for HPFP
Reconditioning and protection against wear of rubbing parts of HPFP (high-pressure fuel pump) of all types, injectors and unit injectors;

1.045.000 VNĐ
( $ 50.00 )

Gel-revitalizant for fuel equipment
The compound is designed for restoring repair and protection of friction parts of fuel pumps and nozzles of all types against wear. High microhardness of piston contact patches obtained after treatment prolongs the pumps life span by several times and ensures high protection against low-quality fuel.

Main effect:

protects fuel equipment from low-quality fuel;
reduces fuel consumption;
restores geometry of parts and protects friction parts of fuel pumps, fuel injectors and pump-injector units from wear;
improves engine power;
reduces noise and vibration;
decreases the level of toxic components in exhaust.

Technical characteristics
General characteristics of the cermet layer: Microhardness ?750 kg/mm2; high corrosion resistance; roughness Ra up to 0,06 mkm.

Recommendations of mechanics:
The sure sign of revitalizing beginning is improvement in mechanism operation (noise, vibration and smoke exhaust reduction) as early as first kilometers of run.
It is necessary to double recommended dose if the wear of the mechanism is high. If after 100-200 km run mechanism operation improvement does not occur, the most probable cause is a mistaken diagnostics.

Squeeze out the content of one tube into the fuel tank with a minimal amount of fuel. Fill the tank with 10 or 15 gallons of fuel.
Run the car as normal.
Revitalization is considered to be completed after 100 hours of mechanism operation (3,000 km/1,870 miles run).

For treatment of diesel engines of heavy-loaded cars and other diesel engines with big capacity you should apply the gel for fuel equipment according to the Table below.
Engine cubic capacity, l Amount of gel for fuel tank, tube
5-15 2
15-30 3
30-75 4

Use the gel with fuel corresponding to the season.
Additional (not regular) filtering equipment may reduce the effect of revitalization.
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