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  Xado for Diesel Engine  
Product List » Automobile » Xado for Diesel Engine
Restores the geometry of friction surfaces and protects them from wear;
10-30% reduction in the friction coefficient;
Fuel savings at idle up to 30%, 5-10% overall;

2.131.800 VNĐ
( $ 102.00 )

Gel-revitalizant for diesel engines

The compound is designed for protection of engine parts against wear and restoring repair of diesel engines without disassembling. The gel forms a new cermet coating on friction surfaces (the engine parts grow in volume, restore their original geometry). As a result a renovated unit exceeds the performance level of a new one and will serve you 2-4 times longer.


restores and protects friction parts of the cylinder-piston group, crank and gas distributing mechanisms against wear
reduces fuel consumption considerably (by up to 30% at idling);
increases oil pressure to the nominal one;
regains and increases compression in cylinders;
increases engine power, improves acceleration capability;
decreases noise and vibration level by 10 times;
extends service life of the units by 2-3 times;
protects the engine from negative consequences of cold start;
improves engine operation in 50-100 km;
maintains engine operation during 300 km in case of oil leakage.

Technical characteristics
General characteristics of the cermet layer:
Microhardness ?750 kg/mm2; high corrosion resistance; roughness Ra up to 0,06 mkm.

Interesting facts
Driving without a lubricant was an indispensable condition during state certification of the gel-revitalizant for diesel engines in China. Being loaded with 8 tons of goods the Chinese truck with diesel engine operated with a dry crank case the whole working day and covered 204 km! The test showed that the content of CH in exhaust gases reduced by 10 times (decontamination factor 89,2%!). At present the truck operates at its full capacity and is checked regularly.

Treatment of the engine with the oil system 3-10 liters.

Step 1
1. Squeeze out the contents of one tube into the oil mouth of the engine warmed up to the running temperature.
Start the engine and let it idle for 5-10 minutes.

Step 2
Do as described in Step 1 after 100-250 km run

Step 3
Do as described in Step 2 after 100-250 km run

Oil system volume, L3-10 11-2021-30
Tubes (9 ml), pcs 3 69
Treatment scheme 1+1+1 2+2+23+3+3
Tubes for new engines 246

Do not change oil until the end of the treatment!
Revitalization is considered to be completed after 1500 km run.
Treatment can be done at idling (4 hours are equivalent to 200 km run); New engines should be treated in one step ?2 tubes at one time.
The protective cermet coating forms on any operative mechanism; in case the mechanism (engine) is in critical state (wear 100%) worn parts must be replaced.

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