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Observing camera system

Pictures observing and storing system basically includes observing camera, displayed screen, storing device. The number of cameras changes depending on using demand. With small families or stores, 4 to 5 cameras are needed. With large workshop, the number of cameras can be 16.  For this reason, the system needs picture sharing device allowing control shots from 4 to 16 cameras on one screen. Shot signs are also stored under forms of magnetic tape or digital technology and record to hard drive.

In central room or security room, all activities on wide scale can be monitored by using observing camera system.

Remote transmitted system via net

Network connected camera system (direct network connection): Managing remotely production areas or advertising via Internet serving for e-commerce, popularizing lively businesses to foreign customers through camera pictures. Today modern technology allows connect directly cameras to available net in most offices. Cameras are likely set at a place that we can observe images in our offices. If you have your own PC, you can monitor shot pictures from it. You can see shot pictures from any cameras and any Internet connected computers (because shot images from cameras will be displayed on all computers), additionally just those who are allowed can access computer and see those images.

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